Welcome to Beam Contracting Company

Beam Contracting is a service company providing construction expertise, planning, management, problem solving, advice and service.  We are construction managers and  either can perform any portion of the work or utilize specialty subcontractors.  It can be any size job. Bottom line is, as the general contractor, we are responsible for the overall coordination of a project.

Beam Contracting Company

Our Clients

We work with numerous clients like property builders, property developers, material suppliers and contractors.  While the construction industry was obliterated in the wake of the housing crash, it is now projected to be among the economy’s top ten largest sources of employment growth.  It is vital to the American economy and we are reviving housing projects in master-planned developments derailed by the recession. We are here for all your residential and commercial construction needs.

Our Services

We do renovation and new construction. When choosing a contractor, know that not all home builders are alike.  New home builders are professionals with the skills and resources to build you the home of your dreams.  Professional deck builders are a great choice when one needs a deck for their home.  Homes built by Beam Contracting are carefully planned with energy efficiency and are environment friendly.

Design is also one of our specialties.  Do not go for the first interesting design that you are shown by the builders. We work with you to select a renovation or home design that will integrate with the environment and not disturb the area around surrounding trees for example. Choose the right home builder in order to get the specific design that you want, one that reflects more of your personality.

Our Community

Beam Contracting has demonstrated a commitment to the local community. We have earned a solid reputation.  Since 1983, Beam General Contractors has been a trusted name for full-service remodeling and construction.  We have been on the cutting edge of construction and strive to  be extremely professional, maintaining the construction schedule and keeping the project within budget.  Beam Contracting is a streamlined organization, allowing us to minimize administrative staff, thereby reducing overhead and administrative costs. Beam is dedicated to highest standards and is committed to achieve success on every one of our projects.